OK – Here’s some music from Bobby Lee Murphy’s first two CDs. The first CD was recorded in 2007 and titled “Changin’ Thyme” Look up the word “thyme” in the dictionary and you’ll see that it’s not just about spices. Then, late in 2010, Bobby Lee finished his second CD titled “New STPH”. Alright, you may be asking, “What is STPH?” First of all STPH (pronounced stuff) came from Bobby Lee wanting a 4-letter word to describe his music. With a style of “variety” what on earth could reflect all types of stuff? Also, with an emphasis on not being like most other music these days, which seems to be all about violence and sexually explicit suggestive themes … and knowing that music really needs some healing … STPH was born — Sound To Promote Healing – and «Viola !»

Bobby Lee Murphy – New STPH

Bobby Lee Murphy – Changin’ Thyme

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